How does one make it from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Austin, Texas? The pursuit of art. 

A self-taught artist who came in hot to the Austin scene in 2012, Jet's natural talent and vision penetrated the burgeoning art scene we know Austin for today with a canvas that poured onto the streets—quite literally—alongside the community of artists he fostered around him. Believing that everyone should have access to fine art, Jet initially traded his smaller works for good deeds, sending his paintings around the world for the promise of doing more good.

Over the years, while he hasn't contained himself to one style, Jet is known primarily for haunting portraiture, striking surrealist imagery, and large-scale street art. His work stops all in its tracks, and asks the viewer to reconsider their reality, and their relationship to it. He sells his work internationally. 

Austin, Texas

Jet currently resides in Austin, Texas.